Home audio sound system

Home audio sound system

Brand :EOGO

Product origin :Shenzhen

Model: M60
Rated Power: 80 W
Max Power: 120 W
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 96dB (1W/1 meter )
SPL: 114dB/20W
Frequency Response: 100 - 20 kHz
Distortion: < 0.1%
Soundboard Size: 300*600*4 mm
Overall Dimension: 300*600*33.5 mm

China Home audio sound system Factory, Home Audio Surround Sound Factory

The thin EOGO sound China Home audio sound system Factory is born to make a good home audio system such as the home theater. As the EOGO invisible sound originates from the panel vibration instead of the point vibration, it greatly enhance the reproduction of a movie or music, for there China Home audio sound system Factory is no so called central seat, everywhere is the best seat to enjoy the sound.

The EOGO China Home audio sound system Factory is beyond your imagination and improve your life quality, it’s just a kind of life style. Your house needn’t to be large villa, as the tiny invisible music speaker can be installed into anywhere in the wall or ceiling without need for acoustic reconstruction, Home Audio Surround Sound Factory is so worth the value and would bring countless happiness to your family. When you get up in the morning, the EOGO music audio can play a nice music to wake you up; At night, you just sit back with your family to watch a movie with the amazing surround sound home theater system.

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