Where is the hidden speaker in the living room suitable?

Where is the hidden speaker in the living room suitable?

Marry is a housewife. She feels that cooking and eating every day will take a lot of time for the family. The speakers on the ceiling allow the user to enjoy the music with the family while eating, instead of just putting it on the kitchen cutting table. A radio or wireless speaker.

IT male Jack believes that if the effect is considered, the speaker position speaker be slightly higher than the person sitting on the sofa. If there is a position around the sofa to surround the bracket, leave the line on the back floor or corner of the sofa. When installing, put the thread around the bracket to the speaker. If you choose to surround the wall, for the sake of aesthetics and listening, it is generally higher than the hanging, 1.2-1.5 meters, according to the distance from the sofa to the back wall can be increased year on year.

Some people think that although the hidden speaker in the living room can be placed on both sides of the sofa or on the wall, the pre-embedded line will be more beautiful. However, it is best to position the speaker at a center point or center on the seat.

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