The direct sound of the speaker works better in the listening area.

The direct sound of the speaker works better in the listening area.

The direct sound is the sound that comes directly from the speaker to the listener. The main feature is that the sound is pure, that is, what kind of sound is emitted by the speaker, and what kind of sound is heard by the listener. The direct sound does not pass through the wall of the room, the reflection of the ground and the top surface, and there is no raw defect caused by the reflection of the sound of the interior decoration material, which is not affected by the indoor acoustic environment. Therefore, the sound quality is guaranteed and the sound fidelity is high. An important principle in modern room acoustic design is that the listening area makes full use of the direct sound from the speakers and tries to control the reflected sound. In a room, the method of determining whether the listening area can obtain the direct sound from all the speakers is very simple, and the visual method is generally used. In the listening area, if the listening area can see the whole of all the speakers, and in the area where all the speakers share the cross radiation, the speaker direct sound can be obtained.

Under normal circumstances, speaker hanging is the best way to get direct sound in the room, but sometimes due to the low floor space and limited space, hanging speakers may be subject to certain restrictions. If there are conditions, it is best to recommend The speaker is hung up.

Many speakers have a horn pointing angle of 60 degrees or less. The horizontal direction is large and the vertical angle is small. If the listening area is not within the directional angle of the horn, the direct sound of the horn cannot be obtained, so the speaker is placed horizontally. When the tweeter axis should be consistent with the level of the listener's ear, when the speaker is hung, the concept should adjust the angle of the speaker tilt to avoid affecting the high-pitched sound.

When the speaker is playing, the closer to the speaker, the greater the proportion of direct sound in the sound, and the smaller the proportion of reflected sound; the farther away from the speaker, the smaller the proportion of direct sound.

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