Some Simple Audio Faults Judgment and Handling

Some Simple Audio Faults Judgment and Handling

1. One example of troubleshooting

(1) Phenomenon of hand-held wired microphone singing on the stage, when the hand swings, the speaker appears "click" interval sound.

(2) Analytical faults occur on wired microphones, which have nothing to do with other devices. It may be that the switch on the microphone has been damaged, or that the connection or connector has poor contact.

(3) Processing and checking the microphone switch or plug are normal; checking the connection line swinging below the microphone elbow when there is no breaking phenomenon, cutting off a section of the microphone line at the elbow, after re-welding, the failure disappears.

2. Examples of troubleshooting

(1) When the phenomenon is played by sound source equipment, the main speaker has only one sound channel, but when microphone is used to transmit sound, both left and right sound reinforcement systems are normal.

(2) To analyze the failure of sound source playing equipment or the possibility of circuit breaking or short circuit of a corresponding sound channel line and plug output by sound source equipment.

(3) Processing will sound source signal left and right channel output lines interchange each other, re-insert audition, if the fault is the opposite of the original, that is, the original sound is now silent, and the original sound is now silent, then we can conclude that the fault is in the source of the output line. Check the plug and circuit, find the short circuit of the plug, and troubleshoot after re-welding the plug.

3. Examples of troubleshooting

(1) In the performance, the right channel is silent suddenly, and the input and output levels of the sound source signal of the mixer are normal.

(2) Analysis of the failure may occur in the right channel output line of the mixer, signal processing equipment and the right channel transmission line of the power amplifier.

(3) Processing and observing the input level display lamp of the equalizer connected to the mixer, the right channel level response is normal; then observing the input level of the right channel of the exciter connected to the equalizer, it is found that the level display is abnormal. Press the right channel bypass key of the actuator, the fault disappears, try to replace the signal connection line between the equalizer and the right channel of the actuator, and troubleshoot. By measuring the replaced line with a meter, it is found that the hot-end core wire in the transmission line has been opened.

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