Rated output power of home cinema amplifier

Rated output power of home cinema amplifier

Since we all know that in the home cinema speaker system, the rated output power of the amplifier is larger than the rated power of the speaker, but how much power should be played in the actual collocation?

Personally, I think that the rated output power of the amplifier should be 1.5 times of the speaker power, of course, double is better. Speaking of this, my friends will ask again what to do with such a large margin of power. The higher the output power of the amplifier, the higher the price of the amplifier. Aren't you letting us spend more money wrongly? 

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First of all, we need to understand a truth that the power amplifier can push the speaker to make sound, does not mean that the power amplifier can push the speaker. The loud sound produced by the speaker does not mean that the sound pressure is high, nor does it mean that the power is high. The sound size is not proportional to the power and the sound pressure. For example, using taps connected with water pipes to wash cars and high-pressure water guns to wash cars, that washes more cleanly. The water quantity of the tap pipe is large but the pressure is insufficient, but the pressure of the high-pressure water gun is sufficient although the water output is not large. 

The biggest difference between home theater speaker and fever speaker is the sense of presence. Especially where does the overwhelming momentum come from when there is a big dynamic? What the home cinema speaker system needs is a strong sense of power and a shock of speed. If your power amplifier is insufficient, you will feel sluggish and watery. The sound is coming out, but the sound pressure is not up to it.

It's like a car running on the road. Now the maximum speed limit for high-speed power is only 120 kilometers per hour. A car with 100 horsepower can also run at 120 kilometers per hour. But now the sports car can run at hundreds of horsepower without moving. Isn't it a waste of gasoline and money? But when you drive a sports car, you will know that the money is not in vain, because the two cars are not a driving experience at all. A 100 horsepower car can't lift its foot when it kicks into the tank. A sports car just needs to step on the gas and easily throw someone out of the street. 

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