Is the home theater an embedded or ceiling-mounted home speaker?

Is the home theater an embedded or ceiling-mounted home speaker?

Nowadays, more and more people are inclined to install home theater system for family gatherings and entertainment.

Walled speaker, also known as embedded speaker, hidden speaker, as the name implies, is a kind of speaker that can be installed in the wall. The biggest feature of this speaker is to save space, while a good concealment function and the original decoration style into one. In the home theater system, the concealment function of wall-mounted speakers improves the whole room's style and gives people a sense of height, which is also the reason why more and more home users prefer such speakers.

Suction top speaker, also known as smallpox speaker. This kind of speaker is mainly installed on the ceiling and is very suitable for use in small space such as study and bedroom. The use of ceiling speakers can not only save space, decorate the ceiling, but also use the ceiling to play a sound insulation effect, and can even solve the problem of sound diffraction and vibration of the box.

The greatest advantage of wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted loudspeakers is that they can be hidden, so that "sound" can be quietly transmitted to the audience's ears from somewhere in the room, to eliminate the interference of external swing speakers on vision. If from the perspective of interior design, the appearance of wall-entry loudspeakers will be skillfully installed in the wall, which not only reduces the occupancy of traditional speakers, but also reduces the excessive use area, and can integrate the home audio and interior design, making the interior layout more neat, comfortable and beautiful. But if we analyze wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted loudspeakers technically, it will be easy to find that wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted loudspeakers can easily solve the problem of sound insulation that traditional home audio needs to solve with the help of potential wall.

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