How to choose speakers

How to choose speakers

1. Look at the frequency range of the speaker

From a professional point of view, the frequency range refers to both the frequency range and the frequency response, which will have different degrees of impact on the speaker. When purchasing the speaker in the audio store, we must understand the frequency range. Because the speaker produces a certain sound pressure when it emits sound, but the increase and attenuation of sound pressure will change with the change of frequency, and the phase will also change with the change of frequency.

2. The parameter index of sound box

If you want to buy high-quality speakers in audio stores, you need to consult the parameters of reading speakers, including sensitivity, impedance, directivity, rated power and distortion, and so on. In addition, you need to pay attention to whether the audio stores will provide changes in the frequency curve for the effective frequency range of the speakers, and what criteria the frequency range is based on. Measured to ensure that all aspects of the performance of a good professional speaker.

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