Home Cinema Wireless Speakers, Wireless Home Theater Speakers Price

Home Cinema Wireless Speakers, Wireless Home Theater Speakers Price

Home Cinema Wireless Speakers, Wireless Home Theater Speakers Price

Paradigm Introduces New Defiance Subwoofers

Home Cinema Wireless Speakers Paradigm drops a new subwoofer, you pretty much know what to expect: plenty of performance, great built-in room correction, and oodles of style. The new Defiance X and Defiance V subs check off all three of those boxes in spades. 

What you don't necessarily always expect, though, is value pricing. The new line starts at $399 for an 8-inch sub up to a super reasonable $1,499 for the big bad voodoo daddy 15-incher with all the bells and whistles.

More deets from the press release:

Paradigm Electronics Inc., global leader in speaker design and manufacturing, is proud to announce their new Defiance subwoofers. Featuring six subwoofers in two series (X Series and V Series), Defiance subwoofers deliver pure power, unleashed by clean, efficient amplification.

Defiance X Series
Home Cinema Wireless Speakers Everything is maximized with the new Defiance X10 / X12 / X15 subwoofers. Output is massive, thanks to heavy-duty, internally-braced cabinets, and Active Ridge Technology® woofer surrounds for maximum driver-excursion. Massive SPL levels are achieved with precision control, intense detail, and vanishingly low distortion, for cinema-quality bass. Crafted in Canada, Defiance X is the biggest subwoofer made on this continent.

Defiance V Series
For intense bass performance with no gimmicks, Defiance V8 / V10 / V12 subwoofers are an amazing value. Smaller footprints pack tons of technology into a compact powerhouse of low frequency impact. Pound for ground-shaking pound, Defiance V delivers the best bass at an unbeatable value.

"When bass is properly reproduced, Wireless Home Theater Speakers Price is the foundation in music and movie soundtracks," said Keith Dowd, Director of US Sales, Paradigm. "It's easy to design a subwoofer that makes a lot of noise, but a subwoofer with vanishingly low distortion that sounds as good as a high performance speaker can only come from a company that knows how to design and build high performance speakers."

All Defiance subwoofers (except the V8) feature app control, Anthem Room Correction (ARC®), and optional wireless connectivity.

Subwoofer App Control: Simplify setup & tuning with the free Paradigm Subwoofer Control App. The iOS and Android app controls volume, low-pass filter, phase, room gain, and much more from the Wireless Home Theater Speakers Price comfort of your listening chair. It features three preset listening modes, and lets you remotely turn Anthem Room Correction on and off.

Anthem Room Correction (ARC): Shape the bass to fit your listening space! ARC Technology is controlled via the free Paradigm iOs and Android smartphone app. ARC measures your space, compares it to lab standard responses, and instantly removes performance-robbing anomalies. The result is easy to hear: realistically blended, accurately rendered deep bass. ARC gets great customer reviews because it delivers professional results at the touch of a button. To provide even more accurate measurements, Defiance X subwoofers include an external ARC microphone compatible with ARC Mobile (for iOS and Android) and ARC-2 for PC.

Wireless Module (Optional): All Defiance subwoofers (except the V8) can benefit from the Defiance Wireless Transmitter System. The transmitter and receiver modules connect easily and allow users greater placement options for the subwoofer.

Home Cinema Wireless Speakers Defiance X subwoofers elevate woofer engineering via proprietary Active Ridge Technology (ART) Surrounds. Wireless Home Theater Speakers Price The farther the driver can freely move, the deeper the bass it can generate. Patented ART driver design "overmolds" durable driver surrounds to allow the farthest possible throw without distortion or destruction. Greater excursion results in a measured 3dB gain in output, with a 50% reduction in audible distortion compared to drivers held back by standard surrounds.

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