Hidden speaker that can be perfectly hidden on the wall

Hidden speaker that can be perfectly hidden on the wall

Many of the post-80s younger companions have seen outdoor movies in their childhood. It's a very good memory to recall those classic movies that they watched in the late breeze while sitting in Maza. And the complex I like to watch movies is probably what the outdoor movies era gave me. With the improvement of living standards, the size of TV is getting bigger and bigger. Abundant high-definition film and television resources, let's stop worrying about what to see.

If you have a big TV or projector at home, you can enjoy the cinema-like impact without leaving home. Why are there so many people willing to pay to go to the cinema to see movies? I think one is to shoot couples, the other is to go to the cinema to seek the more immersive "audio-visual" effect.

Want to play cool home theater speakers, but do not want to endure the troubles caused by various connection routes, want to make the speaker hidden in space but not obvious, hidden speaker is naturally the first choice!

Basic requirements for embedded installation of speakers:

1. The front wall must be a continuous surface to avoid low-frequency drop and comb filtering effects.

2. The walls must be hard and thick.

3. The acoustical structure of the room must be symmetrical, which is very important.

4. The sound axis of the speaker must be directed to the listening position.

5. The speaker should not be too high or too low (the maximum inclination angle is less than 15 degrees).

6. If the forced refrigeration system is not installed, the power amplifier module must be removed from the rear of the box.

7. It is very important for the embedded installation that the front panel of the speaker should be on the same plane as the front wall (both of them are flat), not protruding or retracting.

Knowing so much, is hidden speaker worth buying? Because speakers are a special kind of goods, I suggest that you first find a physical store to audition before you consider it. But according to my experience, if you like to listen to music, have higher requirements for sound color and quality, and do not want to be occupied by the speaker too much space, then embedded speakers should be very suitable for you.

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