Best home surround speakers

Best home surround speakers

The placement of the home surround speakers:

1.The surround speaker is placed at the rear of the listener, at a distance of about 3 meters, at an angle of 90°. The characteristics of the sound are accurate, the direction is clear, the surround sound is rich, and the sense of presence is strong. Most suitable for playing epic films, action movies, science fiction films, martial arts films, etc. Therefore, this solution is most suitable for playing multi-channel movie software, and is not suitable for playing multi-channel music software.

2.The surround speakers are located on both sides of the listener, parallel to the listener, about 3 meters away, and the opposite side of the speaker is at an angle of 45°. The characteristics of this sound: the sound is clear, the sound field is wide but the front is forward, and the surround sound is not accurate. It is most suitable for playing multi-channel music. The positioning is accurate, the sound is continuous, and the sound field is wide. Only the rear surround sound field is slightly forward and has a compressed feeling. If you are listening to music, it is recommended to use this scheme to place surround speakers.

Precautions for home surround speakers:

Home surround speakers are not an easy task for beginners, especially if the system is required to provide first-class audio and video effects. Even small surround speakers can't be underestimated, not hanging somewhere behind the listener. Generally speaking, the living room is 12 to 15 square meters, and the listening position should be within 2 meters from the surrounding speakers. At the same time, it should be noted that the surround speakers can make the listener hear the reflected sound, thus improving the surround speakers. The delay effect is beneficial. Finally, adjust the surround delay time. The ideal effect should be based on no heavy accent. For the 15 to 30 square meters listening room, in order to fully demonstrate the sense of space and direction that the large room is very good for surround sound, you need to adjust its position after connecting the surround speakers.

Factors to buy a home surround speaker:

1.When purchasing a home theater surround speaker, you should distinguish the origin according to the equipment outer packaging and the body description. 2. Select the type of home theater surround speakers based on room type and room size.

3.Pay attention to the power and resistance of the amplifier to match the speaker.

4.Strict selection of wire, the quality of wire directly affects the sound quality.

5.When purchasing a home theater surround speaker, you can purchase different configurations according to your home environment and use.

Home surround speakers maintenance methods:

1.Wash once every six months: soon after the metal is exposed to the air, the surface will be oxidized. If you have a long time, it will lead to poor contact, so you should clean it at least once every six months. Just use cotton and dipped in alcohol to apply the joints.

2.Try to avoid the stacking machine: Try to place the most important CD source and sound amplification part independently, otherwise it will cause harmonic shock and affect the machine. And it interferes with the transmission of each frequency band, causing a kind of sound pollution, so the equipment should be placed separately on the stable rack.

3.The less the interference, the better the sound: the indoor appliances avoid sharing a set of power supplies with the speakers.

4.Position of the horn: The placement of the horn is an important part of the sound. It is inevitable that the playback effect will be greatly reduced. In addition to being able to listen carefully to the effects of different placements, you can also ask the relevant technical staff to guide.

5.The dim environment helps the listening effect: in the dark environment, the ear will be particularly sensitive, and the visual obstacles will be reduced. The position of the sound and the instrument will be particularly clear, and other darker lights can be used. To create a listening atmosphere.

6.Sound absorption should be appropriate: in a general home environment, a carpet has a basic enhanced sound absorption effect. Plus the benefit of the carpet is to reduce the reflection of the floor. When the speaker is too close to the back wall, you can also consider adding a tapestry to increase the sound absorption effect, but be careful not to use too large blocks, otherwise you may even suck the UHF. Therefore, pay attention to sound absorption can not be excessive.

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